• ... but also a sacred trust to serve our members honestly. And, knowing Mr. Aloise well enough, I know he has never pursued any personal gain from his work.

    — Art Pulaski, Chief Officer of California Labor Federation AFL-CIO
  • In my experience, Rome Aloise has consistently gone to great lengths to protect the interests of Teamster members, ... and working people in general.

    — Richard L. Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO
  • I have never known Brother Aloise to place any interests before the interests of the members of the Union and the workers we represent.

    — C. Thomas Keegel, Former General Secretary-Treasurer International Brotherhood of Teamsters
  • I can say without hesitation that Mr. Aloise was always well-informed, cared deeply about the members he served ...

    — Barbara Boxer, US Senator from California

What is the Rome Aloise Legal Defense Fund Collecting Money For?

To pay for the costs of defense arising out of any charges brought against Rome Aloise related to his conduct as an officer or representative of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), Teamsters Local 853, Teamsters Joint Council No. 7, and/or any Teamster-affiliated employee benefit trust fund.

What Happens to Any Money Left Over?

It will go to registered charity, not to Rome or any other individual.